Relational Query Processing of the Non-Von Supercomputer.

Shaw, David Elliot

The central focus of this chapter is the highly efficient execution of relational database queries using a particular nonstandard machine called NON-VON.
NON-VON is a massively parallel, non-von Neumann "supercomputer", portions of which are now being implemented in the Computer Science Department at Columbia University. The machine is intended to support the rapid execution of many large scale data manipulation tasks, including relational database operations and a number of other functions relevant to commeroial data processing.The NON-VON architecture includes a tree-structured primary processing subsystem, which we are implementing using custom nMOS VLSI Circuits, along with a leg0ndary processing subsystem based on a bank of intelligent disk drives. A high-bandwidth parallel interface provides for rapid data transfer between the two subsystems. This chapter briefly describes the organization ot the NON-VON machine, and considers in somewbat greater detail the manner in which it 18 used tor the high-speed processing ot relational database queries.



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Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports, CUCS-95-84
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August 19, 2013