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Spatial Relations in Text-to-Scene Conversion

Sproat, Richard; Coyne, Robert Eric; Hirschberg, Julia Bell

Spatial relations play an important role in our understanding of language. In particular, they are a crucial component in descriptions of scenes in the world. WordsEye ( is a system for automatically converting natural language text into 3D scenes representing the meaning of that text. Natural language offers an interface to scene generation that is intuitive and immediately approachable by anyone, without any special skill or training. WordsEye has been used by several thousand users on the web to create approximately 15,000 fully rendered scenes. We describe how the system incorporates geometric and semantic knowledge about objects and their parts and the spatial relations that hold among these in order to depict spatial relations in 3D scenes.


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Computer Science
Computational Models of Spatial Language Interpretation Workshop at Spatial Cognition 2010
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August 5, 2013