Two Lately-Discovered Letters of Foscolo

Weston, George B.

In a recent number of the Fanfulla della Domenica (March 27, 1910), Professor Eugenia Levi, of the R. Istituto superiore di Magistero, Florence, deals with two letters of Foscolo that came to light not long ago in London. Having traced them to Boston, and obtained copies from the dealer by whom they had been acquired, Professor Levi, in the above-mentioned paper, after summarizing the shorter, less important letter, which is in English, publishes, with biographical and literary notes, the longer and highly interesting one (addressed to Lord Holland), according to her copy. The latter, as results from comparing the published version with the original letter, is in many places incorrect the punctuation being frequently altered, and words interpolated, omitted, changed and disfigured.

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July 21, 2015


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