Initial Sustainability Report: Barnard College, 2007

Smerdon, Jason E.; Powell, Alison; Rook, Amanda

This Initial Sustainability Report on Barnard College was commissioned in the summer of 2006 by Stephanie Pfirman and Martin Stute, co-chairs of the Barnard Environmental Science Department, as a source of information for the community and the incoming Environmental Program Manager, Angelica Patterson. Several staff department directors, including Julio Vazquez, Ann Aversa, Al Sorbera, Goldi Juer, and Paula Newman were generous in providing essential information for the report. Peter Bower, Catherine Cook, and Angelica Patterson of the Environmental Science Department were also very helpful in the preparation of the report, as was Lorna Magee (BC ’08). Amanda Rook (BC ’08), Alison Powell (BC ’09) and Jason Smerdon are the principal authors.
We hope that you, as a member of the Barnard community, take this report and make it your own, building on the environmental progress Barnard has already made to create a truly sustainable campus. In a time in which local environmental impacts carry grave global consequences and environmental stewardship is an essential component of civic responsibility, every Barnard community member is compelled to make the broader College community more sustainable.


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