Carmen Torruella-Quander - ART CART Oral History

Torruella-Quander, Carmen; Cotton, Lauren; Durkee, Sarah; Teachers College. Research Center for Arts and Culture

This oral history focuses on Carmen Torruella-Quander’s career as a representational artist. It looks at her process for selecting subjects to paint. Torruella-Quander describes how ongoing investigations of identity have formed her illustrious career as a painter, educator, and curator. Growing up in Washington, DC, surrounded by museums played a large part in shaping her work. She finds inspiration in artistic expression from all around the world and her travels to different countries.



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Research Center for Arts and Culture
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January 29, 2014


This zip archive contains audio files of an oral history interview and a text file describing themes addressed in the interview. For more information about the ART CART project, please visit their website: