Early warning and response to fires in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ceccato, Pietro N.; Jaya, I. Nengah Surati; Qian, Jianhua; Tippett, Michael K.; Robertson, Andrew W.; Someshwar, Shiv

Scientists at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) collaborated with Bogor Agriculture University Indonesia to investigate links between climate anomalies and fire hotspots in Kalimantan, Indonesia. During their investigation, a close relationship between satellite rainfall data and fire hotspot activity was found. Rainfall anomalies during the dry season from June-October were particularly critical in determining fire activity. Vegetation greenness and moisture indices derived from MODIS images, however, did not appear to demonstrate a relationship. These findings were used to develop a prototype online tool that enables stakeholders to view satellite rainfall anomalies and forecast fire activity in Kalimantan. Potential fire activity can be inferred from these data and steps can be taken early on to prevent or minimize the effects of regional fire occurrences.

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International Research Institute for Climate and Society
International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Earth Institute at Columbia University
IRI Technical Report, 10-14
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April 5, 2011