On The Hermeneutics of Books: How Seminary Students Read and the Role(s) of Theological Libraries

Elia, Anthony J.

It is the purpose of this paper (above all) to bring into focus a discussion on "the study of interpretation" of the book, as well as its readers. Thus, I will present historical and philosophical examples of hermeneutics, while integrating a score of interviews with seminary students about their reading habits as related to books (as objects) and the role that books and students' reading habits play in the role and experience of the modern, contemporary, and future theological library. Specifically, I will begin with discussing topical areas related to hermeneutics—including phenomenology, semiotics, approach, and encounter. Then in part I, I will provide a statistical offering and speak about the specific data of students' reading habits and their opinions about theological libraries; lastly, in part III, I will briefly revisit the theology of books in light of the present research on hermeneutics.



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December 5, 2011