Measurement and interpretation of the polarization of the x-ray line emission of heliumlike Fe XXV excited by an electron beam

Savin, Daniel Wolf; Beiersdorfer, P.; Vogel, D. A.; Reed, K. J.; Decaux, V.; Scofield, J. H.; Widmann, K.; Holzer, G.; Forster, E.; Wehrhan, O.; Schweikhard, L.

The linear polarization of the 1s2p 1P1→1s2 1S0 resonance line, the 1s2p 3P1,2→1s2 1S0 intercombination lines, and the 1s2s 3S1→1s2 1S0 forbidden line was measured in heliumlike Fe XXV excited near threshold by a monoenergetic electron beam. The measurement was carried out with a high-resolution x-ray spectrometer employing a set of two analyzing crystals that acted as polarizers by selectively reflecting the individual polarization components. A value of +0.56-0.08+0.17 was determined for the polarization of the 1P1 line, -0.53-0.02+0.05 for the 3P2 line, -0.22-0.02+0.05 for the 3P1 line, and -0.076-0.007+0.007 for the 3S1 line. The measurements were compared with results from a relativistic distorted-wave calculation, which was carried out for a number of mid-Z heliumlike ions (Mg10+–Kr34+), and good agreement was found. By contrast, disagreement was noted with predictions based on Coulomb-Born calculations, allowing us to distinguish between theoretical approaches.


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March 22, 2013