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Controlled diastereoselectivity at the alkene-geometry through selective encapsulation: E-Z photoisomerization of oxazolidinone-functionalized enecarbamates within hydrophobic nano-cavities

Saito, Hideaki; Sivaguru, J.; Jockusch, Steffen; Dyer, Joanne; Inoue, Yoshihisa; Adam, Waldemar; Turro, Nicholas J.

Photoisomerization of encapsulated Z-enecarbamates within the hydrophobic chiral cavities of γ-CD showed higher diastereoselectivities in the photoproducts than those obtained in solution. The selective encapsulation of the enecarbamates and the following isomerization process are both diastereoselectively controlled by γ-CD.


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March 24, 2010
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