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Psychology of Creativity: Processes and Productions, Creators and Creations

Carel, Lauren

Creativity involves the discovery of that which is novel. It is seen as an activity resulting from
the ordinary thought processes of ordinary individuals that happens when someone does
something new that is also practical, generative, or influential. There are three levels of creativity. The first involves that which is
appropriate and useful. It solves problems of an everyday nature. The second level involves that
which is generative. Under this level, solutions extend beyond the original situation and lead to
other ideas that then serve as a springboard. The third level involves that which is influential and
changes its field entirely. An influential solution expands the field and alters the way people
view the field, listen to it, think about it, react to it, and create new work within that field.



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Psychology (Barnard College)
B.A., Barnard College
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May 26, 2011