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Cataclysmic Variables from Sloan Digital Sky Survey. VI. The Sixth Year (2005)

Szkody, Paula; Henden, Arne; Mannikko, Lee; Mukadam, Anjum; Schmidt, Gary D.; Bochanski, John J.; Agüeros, Marcel Andre; Anderson, Scott F.; Silvestri, Nicole M.; Dahab, William E.; Oguri, Masamune; Schneider, Donald P.; Shin, Min-Su; Strauss, Michael A.; Knapp, Gillian R.; West, Andrew A.

The 28 cataclysmic variables (CVs) found in 2005 in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey are presented with their coordinates, magnitudes, and spectra. Five of these systems are previously known CVs (HH Cnc, SX LMi, QZ Ser, AP CrB, and HS 1016+3412), and the rest are new discoveries. Additional spectroscopic, photometric, and/or polarimetric observations of 10 systems were carried out, resulting in estimates of the orbital periods for seven of the new binaries. The 23 new CVs include one eclipsing system, one new Polar, and five systems whose spectra clearly reveal atmospheric absorption lines from the underlying white dwarf.


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Astronomical Journal
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185 - 194
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