Niki Berg - ART CART Oral History

Berg, Niki; Tineo, Katherine; Winterbottom, Lauren; Teachers College. Research Center for Arts and Culture

This oral history interview focuses on Niki Berg’s career as a photographer. She talks about some of her projects or series such as the Berkshire Home Project, her Sacred Connections book, and her Generations series. Berg explains the themes of family and multiple generations in her work, especially in her images depicting her grandmother, her parents, herself, and her children. She talks about how emotional these projects were and the role of nudity versus the distraction of clothing in her photographs. Equally as important to her work were her experiences battling cancer, her spirituality, confronting mortality and the process of aging, and the journey of adopting a child. She also describes her technique of layering images.



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Research Center for Arts and Culture
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January 29, 2014


This zip archive contains audio files of an oral history interview and a text file describing themes addressed in the interview. For more information about the ART CART project, please visit their website: