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Ways in Which the Assistant Influences and Changes Team Dynamics

Goodman, Elizabeth Ann

Throughout the process of a production, the Production Stage Manager (hereafter the PSM) is a constant source of information and the liaison between all of the various departments. But what about their team? What about those who the PSM chooses to complete the stage management team? Are they merely there to aid the PSM? Is it an individual victory for the PSM if they choose a productive team? Or is it a collective “win” for the team if the PSM succeeds?

Does this change in numbers change the criteria that a PSM looks for when putting together their team? Are certain characteristics more important than others? Once the PSM does assemble their team, what does the assistant bring to the team? How, precisely, do they influence the team? How does the team become successful? What dynamic does the team need? What can potentially hinder the team from becoming successful?

This paper will look at all of these questions, in turn. It will explore the PSM’s responsibility in creating a team; what they should be looking for in their team members. How a team becomes successful. And, if by chance, your team is unsuccessful, ways to improve the team dynamic. It will look at the roles which are needed to create not only a positive work environment, but also a productive work environment. Ultimately, it will examine whether or not the ASM is just as responsible for the dynamic of the team as is the PSM and determine who has the power to influence and change the dynamic of the team.


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September 30, 2015