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The Play is the Thing: Gamifying the Theatergoing Experience

Kaiko, Erik Shi-Da

In this paper, I will use research, case studies, and interviews to argue that gamification is not just a passing fad, but instead, a facet of the audience experience that should be constantly considered when making decisions about audience engagement. While the director has artistic control over what plays out onstage, the producer has more control over the whole audience experience -- from how they hear about the show, to what they do after the curtain falls. I believe that by taking responsibility for the experience of our patrons and using gamification to offer them the chance to gain a sense
of ownership over their theatergoing experience, theatre producers can set their productions apart by making the act of attending the theatre an exciting and rewarding event in and of itself.



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M.F.A., Columbia University
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August 11, 2015