Concerning Some Lines of the Siege d'Orange

Weeks, Raymond

Time has been lacking me to notice the comment of Mr. G. Bertoni with regard to my collation of the 651 lines of the Siège d'Orange, which were published by Mr. A. Fichtner. In the article to which Mr. Bertoni refers, I made perhaps two dozen or more suggestions about the textual readings of Mr. Fichtner. Some of these suggestions were of course syntactical, but half of them probably were criticisms of the readings given supposedly as existing in the manuscript. It will be remembered that the copy of the manuscript was made by Mr. Suchier. Mr. Bertoni has made a new collation of the manuscript, and has succeeded in making out a number of words that had been considered hitherto illegible, for which skill and patience he deserves commendation.

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July 16, 2015


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