Metal-semiconductor-metal ion-implanted Si waveguide photodetectors for C-band operation

Souhan, Brian; Grote, Richard R.; Driscoll, Jeffrey B.; Lu, Ming; Stein, Aaron; Bakhru, Hassaram; Osgood, Jr., Richard M.

Metal-semiconductor-metal Si waveguide photodetectors are demonstrated with responsivities of greater than 0.5 A/W at a wavelength of 1550 nm for a device length of 1mm. Sub-bandgap absorption in the Si waveguide is achieved by creating divacancy lattice defects via Si+ ion implantation. The modal absorption coefficient of the ion-implanted Si waveguide is measured to be ≈185 dB/cm, resulting in a detector responsivity of ≈0.51 A/W at a 50V bias. The frequency response of a typical 1mm-length detector is measured to be 2.6 GHz, with simulations showing that a frequency response of 9.8 GHz is achievable with an optimized contact configuration and bias voltage of 15V. Due to the ease with which these devices can be fabricated, and their potential for high performance, these detectors are suitable for various applications in Si-based photonic integrated circuits.


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September 23, 2014