Abnormalities at chromosome region 3p12–14 characterize clear cell renal carcinoma

Carroll, Peter R.; Vundavalli, Murty V.; Reuter, Victor; Jhanwar, Suresh; Fair, William R.; Whitmore, Willet F.; Chaganti, R.S.K.

In an effort to determine whether or not any characteristic chromosomal abnormalities exist in renal cancer, cytogenetic findings were correlated with tumor histology in nine cases of renal adenocarcinoma. Metaphase preparations adequate for analysis were obtained from cultures harvested between day 3 and day 21. Model chromosome number was diploid in three cases, hypodiploid in three, and hyperdiploid in the remaining three. One clear cell adenocarcinoma failed to reveal any chromosomal abnormality. Two tumors, a tubular/papillary
carcinoma and an acinar/papillary carcinima, showed the clonal abnormalities
del(1)(p21),+2,+7,+8,+12,+13,+16,+17,-21 and t(2;lO)(q14-21;q26),+7q,+11q,-18,
respectively. Interestingly, five of six clear cell tumors studied had clonal abnormalities affecting the short arm of chromosome #3 in the 3p12-21 region, and in the remaining case, of 15 karyotyped metaphases suitable for interpretation, one showed a deletion in 3p. These data indicate that clear cell carcinoma of the kidney may be associated with a nonrandom chromosomal abnormality involving the 3p12-14 region.


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January 10, 2017