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Bruck, Ross A.

"The tenor of political discourse in this year’s U.S. electoral campaigns accentuates the extent to which sound bites, slogans, and punditry have subordinated serious academic exercise in the public space. Complex and pressing issues, rife with methodological challenges that necessitate qualified nuance, are conveyed to the electorate with feigned simplicity that must be reproached. We can take solace, however, in the knowledge that robust and innovative research in the social sciences is being continually conducted by thousands of scholars across the globe and that the results of their labor will provide further insight into finding solutions for the challenges faced by contemporary societies. The task at hand is to extend these findings beyond the insulated confines of academic campuses and professional journals in such a manner that they may be incorporated into more popularly accessible sources of information without losing their profundity. This endeavor is precisely the mission of the Journal of Politics and Society which, in its twenty-fourth year of publication by the Helvidius Group at Columbia University, continues to integrate the foremost undergraduate scholarship into broader academic dialogues while also propagating these analyses to the broadest possible audience."--from page 1


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February 10, 2014