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Site 502: Colombia Basin, Western Caribbean

Prell, Warren L.; Gardner, James V.; Adelseck, Charles; Blechschmidt, Gretchen; Fleet, Andrew; Keigwin, Lloyd; Kent, Dennis V.; Ledbetter, Michael T.; Mann, Ulrich; Mayer, Larry A.; Riedel, William R.; Sancetta, Constance; Spariosu, Dann J.; Zimmerman, Herman B.

Our specific objective at Site 502 was to recover an undisturbed, complete section that could be used as a Neogene and Quaternary reference section. A complete record such as this would allow intercorrelations between (1) paleomagnetic stratigraphy, (2) calcareous biostratigraphy, (3) cyclic accumulation of sediment, (4) paleoceanographic changes, (5) oxygen and carbon isotope stratigraphies, (6) the chronology of Central American volcanism, (7) the timing and effects of the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama, and (8) the timing and effects of the initiation of Northern Hemisphere glaciation.

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September 12, 2011
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