R. D. Laing and Me: Lessons in Love

Russell, Roberta; Laing, R. D.

This is an original and unusual work whose purpose is to show you how to increase your options and thereby to be self-empowered to take your own advice through the enhanced confidence, courage, feelings of well-being, and other salutary effects of a good relationship.
It is an intimate reality, told and experienced at the same time. The course of discovery unfolds between the authors, Roberta Russell and R.D. Laing, as it happens. This book is "real." You will see how the authors made each other crazy in the process of creating this novel verité, united only by their common goal of doing a "how-to" book together that would be useful to you. Both the unfolding of the relationship depicted in this book, and the content discussed, are intended to help you to achieve your realistic goals.
The discerning reader, using the insights of psychoanalysis, will discover the nuances of communication between the authors as they wrestle the obstacles to achieving their goals. In turn, the readers are encouraged to join in this experiment with their own partner, carefully chosen on the basis of conceptual level and mutual intent, and to make of it a vitalizing experience. If you can manage to survive each other’s onslaughts, a well matched partnership is a lot more fun and more motivating than the lone pursuit of solitary goals into further solitude.


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June 10, 2016