Properties of Tropical Cyclones in Atmospheric General Circulation Models

Camargo, Suzana J.; Barnston, Anthony G.; Zebiak, Stephen E.

The properties of tropical cyclones in three atmospheric general circulation models (AGCMs) with low-resolution are discussed. The models are analysed for a period of 40 years. Characteristics of the tropical cyclones in the models are analysed and compared with those of observations, such as genesis position, number of cyclones, accumulated cyclone activity, number of storm days, tracks, and others. The three AGCMs have different levels of skill in simulating the different aspects of tropical cyclone activity in different regions. Some of the weak and strong features in simulating tropical cyclone activity variables are common for the three models, others are unique for each model and basin. The relation between model tropical cyclones and ENSO is analyzed in a paper currently in preparation.


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International Research Institute for Climate and Society
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IRI Technical Report, 04-02
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May 28, 2010