Erroneous Model Field Representations in Multiple Pseudoproxy Studies: Corrections and Implications

Smerdon, Jason E.; Kaplan, Alexey; Amrhein, Daniel E.

Pseudoproxy experiments evaluate statistical methods used to reconstruct climate fields from paleoclimatic proxies during the Common Era. These experiments typically employ output from millennial simulations by general circulation models (GCMs). It is demonstrated that multiple published pseudoproxy studies have used erroneously processed GCM surface temperature fields: the NCAR Community Climate System Model (CCSM), version 1.4, field was incorrectly oriented geographically and the GKSS ECHO-g FOR1 field was corrupted by a hemispheric-scale smoothing in the Western Hemisphere. These problems are not associated with the original model simulations; they instead arose because of incorrect processing of the model data for the pseudoproxy experiments. The consequences of these problems are evaluated for the studies in which the incorrect fields were used. Some quantitative results are invalidated by the findings: these include all experiments that used the corrupted ECHO-g field and those aspects of previous CCSM experiments that focused on Niño-3 reconstructions. Other results derived from the CCSM field can be reinterpreted based on the information provided herein and their qualitative characteristics remain similar.



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August 10, 2011