Acceptance of the female condom by Latin- and African-American women

Schilling, Robert F.; El-Bassel, Nabila; Leeper, Mary Ann; Freeman, Linda N.

The AIDS crisis, the increase in other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and the continuing problem of unwanted pregnancies, necessitate new methods of barrier protection. In 1988, Wisconsin Pharmacal began testing the safety and efficacy of a new female condom (Reality), a disposable, prelubricated, polyurethane device that is both a contraceptive and a barrier against STDs. The product requires no professional fitting and is inserted by the woman. Preliminary data from clinical and laboratory studies indicate that the female condom may be an effective barrier against STDs. A widespread use of the female condom, however, will depend on women's and men's initial attitudes, including culturally determined barriers to acceptance.


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April 5, 2012