Genome characterization of Long Island tick rhabdovirus, a new virus identified in Amblyomma americanum ticks

Tokarz, Rafal; Sameroff, Stephen Christopher; Leon, Maria; Jain, Komal; Lipkin, W. Ian

Background: Ticks are implicated as hosts to a wide range of animal and human pathogens. The full range of microbes harbored by ticks has not yet been fully explored. Methods: As part of a viral surveillance and discovery project in arthropods, we used unbiased high-throughput sequencing to examine viromes of ticks collected on Long Island, New York in 2013. Results: We detected and sequenced the complete genome of a novel rhabdovirus originating from a pool of Amblyomma americanum ticks. This virus, which we provisionally name Long Island tick rhabdovirus, is distantly related to Moussa virus from Africa. Conclusions: The Long Island tick rhabdovirus may represent a novel species within family Rhabdoviridae.


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September 23, 2014