A Brief Study of the Phonology of the Neapolitan Dialect

Vaughan, Herbert H.

The following study concerns itself with the dialect of the city of Naples and, more particularly, with that of the Sezione di Chiaja. Some of the outlying districts, e. g., Campo di Marte, already show some slight variations from the language studied herein. The sources of this study have been both oral and written. The writer first took lessons in conversation, at the same time studying texts, and then, after he had acquired some fluency in the spoken language, he went among the people to verify the results and the conclusions which he had obtained. In addition to this, he profited much from aid given him by others who had made a special study of the dialect. Among these he wishes to thank particularly Signer Alberto Cerbino, actor on the Neapolitan stage and author of several Neapolitan comedies, and Signori Bideri and Izzo, well-known publishers of Canzonette Napoletane.

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July 10, 2015


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