Logic Programming Using Parallel Associative Operations

Taylor, Stephen; Lowry, Andy; Maguire, Gerald Q.; Stolfo, Salvatore

In order to provide performance improvements in the execution of large logic programs, it is highly desirable to investigate the relationships between logic, data-base systems and knowledge-based systems in the context of massively parallel architectures. This paper presents a model for the interpretation of logic programs in this type of environment and overviews the algorithms under development. An interpreter that implements the model has been demonstrated in simulations on a number of small programs. Implementation requires that only a small set of hardware primitives be available, these have been successfully implemented on a working prototype machine, DADO. Current research aims to develop the model into a practical and efficient logic programming system for use on the machine.



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Academic Units
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports, CUCS-096-84
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October 26, 2011