Haptic object recognition using a multi-fingered dextrous hand

Allen, Peter K.; Roberts, Kenneth S.

The use of a dextrous, multifingered hand for high-level object recognition tasks is considered. The paradigm is model-based recognition in which the objects are modeled and recovered as superquadratics, which are shown to have a number of important attributes that make them well suited for such a task. Experiments have been performed to recover the shape of objects using sparse contacts point data from the hand with promising results. The authors also propose an approach to using tactile data in conjunction with the dextrous hand to build a library of grasping and exploration primitives that can be used in recognizing and grasping more complex multipart objects.


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Proceedings : 1989 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 14-19, 1989, the Registry Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona
Computer Society Press

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November 12, 2012