Harriet FeBland- ART CART Oral Histories

FeBland, Harriet; Colbert Howay, Carley; Pan, Yan; Research Center for Arts and Culture

Harriet FeBland has always been a pioneer. As a women artist, Harriet has been a pioneer since she was at school. At that time, she was told be a teacher, “The boys need my attention more because you are gonna get married and they are gonna get out and make a living.” However, through hardworking, not only did Harriet win all the medals from that teacher, she was also elected by the boys to be the president of the “art squad” at her school. Harriet is also a pioneer in using new materials in her art creation. For instance, in her early career, when other artists were painting on canvas or paper, Harriet taught herself to paint on transparent surface — plexiglass. Moreover, she created the term “construction” to describe her work. Instead of following the tradition and naming her work as “sculpture”, Harriet gave it the name “Construction”, because when creating the work, Harriet would put things like wood and plexiglass together, rather than carving into wood or plaster. And now the term has been used widely by many people.


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November 30, 2016


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