Spivak, Gayatri C.

I first published a piece on Derrida for Diacritics-"Glas-Piece"--eighteen years ago. It
took me a year to write. It is a pleasure to write one again, in such august company. I am
writing it at speed, and not only because life has become harder in the intervening years.
My relationship to "deconstruction," whatever that may be, has become more intimate,
more everyday, more of a giving-away, and in-habit of mind, a kind of tic that comes
in to warn in the thick of what is called activism, formulas that guide in the midst of those
who have little or nothing. It has become a bit of a pouvoir-savoir for me, thus defeating
its own purpose, as it should.
So, I thought, why not mime this happy state of affairs-"Glas-Piece" was all about
miming-and write at ease? For "serious" reviews, consult Ahmad or Jameson-or
Laclau, in this issue.


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March 13, 2015