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Magnetostratigraphic confirmation of a much faster tempo for sea-level change for the Middle Triassic Latemar platform carbonates

Kent, Dennis V.; Muttoni, Giovanni; Brack, Peter

New magnetostratigraphic data for the ∼470-m-thick Latemar carbonate platform, which includes ∼600 shallowing-upward bedding cycles, are consistent with litho- and biostratigraphic correlations of the section to a ∼10-m-thick interval in the basinal Buchenstein Beds that most likely represents only ∼1 m.y. of deposition according to published U–Pb single-crystal zircon dates. A reappraisal of reported cycle stratigraphic analyses of the Latemar suggests that the visibly obvious meter-scale bedding is not due to Milankovitch precessional forcing but rather reflects tempos an order of magnitude faster that may involve millennial-scale tidal amplitude variations.



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Earth and Planetary Science Letters

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December 6, 2011
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