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Spectroscopy of Two Dimensional Electron Systems Comprising Exotic Quasiparticles

Rhone, Trevor David Nathaniel

In this dissertation I present inelastic and elastic light scattering studies of collective states emerging from interactions in electron systems confined to two dimensions. These studies span the first, second and third Landau levels. I report for the first time, high energy excitations of composite fermions in the quantum fluid at v = 1/3. The high energies discovered represent excitations across multiple composite fermion energy levels, demonstrating the topological robustness of the fractional quantum Hall state at v = 1/3. This study sets the ground work for similar measurements of states in the second Landau level, such as those at v = 5/2. I present the first light scattering studies of low energy excitations of quantum fluids in the second Landau level. The study of low energy excitations of the quantum fluid at 3 ≥ v ≥ 5/2 reveals a rapid loss of spin polarization for v ≤ 3, as monitored by the intensity of the spin wave excitation at the Zeeman energy. The emergence of a continuum of low-lying excitations for v ≤ 3 reveals competing quantum phases in the second Landau level with intriguing roles of spin degrees of freedom and phase inhomogeneity. The first light scattering studies of the electron systems in the third Landau level are reported here. Measurements of low energy excitations and their spin degrees of freedom reveal contrasting behavior of states in the second and third Landau levels. I discuss these measurements in the context of the charge density wave phases, that are believed, by some, to dominate the third Landau level, and suggest ways of verifying this belief using light scattering. Distinct behavior in the dispersion of the spin wave at v = 3 is measured for the first time. The study may highlight differences in the first and second Landau levels that are manifested through the electron wavefunctions. In addition to intra-Landau level measurements, inter-Landau level studies are also reported. The results of which reveal roles of spin degrees of freedom and many body interactions in odd denominator integer quantum Hall states.


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Pinczuk, Aron
Ph.D., Columbia University
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January 10, 2012