Cdc45 Is a Critical Effector of Myc-Dependent DNA Replication Stress

Srinivasan, Seetha V.; Dominguez-Sola, David; Wang, Lily C.; Hyrien, Olivier; Gautier, Jean J.

c-Myc oncogenic activity is thought to be mediated in part by its ability to generate DNA replication stress and subsequent genomic instability when deregulated. Previous studies have demonstrated a nontranscriptional role for c-Myc in regulating DNA replication. Here, we analyze the mechanisms by which c-Myc deregulation generates DNA replication stress. We find that overexpression of c-Myc alters the spatiotemporal program of replication initiation by increasing the density of early-replicating origins. We further show that c-Myc deregulation results in elevated replication-fork stalling or collapse and subsequent DNA damage. Notably, these phenotypes are independent of RNA transcription. Finally, we demonstrate that overexpression of Cdc45 recapitulates all c-Myc-induced replication and damage phenotypes and that Cdc45 and GINS function downstream of Myc.



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June 11, 2013