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Can Automatic Post-Editing Make MT More Meaningful?

McKeown, Kathleen; Parton, Kristen; Habash, Nizar Y.; Iglesias, Gonzalo; de Gispert, Adria

Automatic post-editors (APEs) enable the re-use of black box machine translation (MT) systems for a variety of tasks where different aspects of translation are important. In this paper, we describe APEs that target adequacy errors, a critical problem for tasks such as cross-lingual question-answering, and compare different approaches for post-editing: a rule-based system and a feedback approach that uses a computer in the loop to suggest improvements to the MT system. We test the APEs on two different MT systems and across two different genres. Human evaluation shows that the APEs significantly improve adequacy, regardless of approach, MT system or genre: 30-56% of the post-edited sentences have improved adequacy compared to the original MT.


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April 24, 2013