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The Patrimonialization of Old Montreal or, Preserving a Monument, a Cultural Resource, and a Heritage Space for the Modern Metropolis

Poole, Adam Kaleb

The Historic Monuments Commission of Quebec declared Old Montreal an historic district in 1964 but that was hardly the beginning or the end of its preservation. This thesis explores what it meant for Old Montreal to be preserved and the long process whereby that happened. Specifically it proposes that there were three general ways that the place was understood as something to keep: as an historic monument, as cultural property, and as a heritage space. While they are roughly embodied in the three versions of preservation law in Quebec and informed by international preservation discourse, each had its own players, its own important sites, and its own political agenda specific to the district. Moreover, each had its own methodology of preservation. Having brought us up more or less to the present day, this thesis concludes by speculating on the challenges that will face the district's preservation as the current paradigm develops.



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Historic Preservation
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Bentel, Paul L.
M.S., Columbia University
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June 5, 2012