Cybersecurity through an Identity Management System

Androulaki, Elli; Vo, Binh D.; Bellovin, Steven Michael

Cybersecurity is a concern of growing importance as internet usage continues to spread into new areas. Strong authentication combined with accountability is a powerful measure towards individuals' protection against any type of identity theft. On the other hand, such strong identification raises privacy concerns. In this paper, we argue that authentication, accountability and privacy can be combined into a single, deployable identity management system which can be adopted to current citizenship database infrastructures. More specifically, we present the properties that such a system would need in order to meet the applications of current infrastructures, aid in general operations of day to day life, and take into consideration the privacy of individuals.



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Computer Science
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June 28, 2010


Presented at "Emerging Data," First International Forum on the Application and Management of Personal Electronic Information, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, October 12-13, 2009.