Back from Fiji – quick notes

Drew, Joshua Adam

Well after back to back red eye flights we have finally made it back from our trip to Fiji. I think we are all still trying to decompress and figure out what worked well and what didn’t in the field, but overall my impressions were that it was fairly successful. We had some very difficult weather conditions, including a current that was 2/3m per second (so in other words you’d have to swim one length of an Olympic size pool in 33 seconds just to stay still). That being said we collected about 200 individuals of 110+ species from Naigigi. Additionally I think the students got a great introduction into what field work was like, including the surprisingly long amount of time it takes to obtain the proper permits to do the work. (Along those lines I again want to thank the folks at WCS Fiji for all of their support.)



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October 6, 2014