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Interregional Reception and Invention in Korean and Japanese Ceramics, 1400-1800

Lee, Soyoung

One of the most stimulating issues in East Asian art history is the influence and reception of art and culture. My dissertation presents a case study of ceramic production and consumption between 1400-1800, in which Korea is a source for new art, and Japan is not only a recipient but an active transformer and innovator. The dissertation focuses on the following three themes: 1) ceramic production in Korea ca. 1400-1600, especially the unique buncheong ware; 2) the reception and consumption in Japan of buncheong and other non-porcelain ceramics produced in Korea ca. 1500-1700, some of which were made specifically for Japanese consumers; 3) the production of Korean-inspired stoneware in Japan, particularly in northern Kyushu, ca. 1600-1800.

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Art History and Archaeology
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McKelway, Matthew
Ph.D., Columbia University
Published Here
July 7, 2014
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