Philanthropy and Social Compassion in Eastern Orthodox Tradition: Papers of the Sophia Institute Academic Conference, New York, Dec. 2009

Union Theological Seminary. Sophia Institute

The essays in this collection were delivered at the Second Annual Conference of the Sophia Institute, convened at Union Theological Seminary in New York City on the 4th of December 2009. The central theme of the conference was philanthropy and social compassion within the Eastern Orthodox Tradition. The breadth of historical and contemporary concerns addressed within this volume, cogently articulated from representatives among the Orthodox laity, Orthodox clergy, scholars situated within other traditions in Christianity and leading academics in the field of Christian studies, has effectively given us a modern day florilegium, that is a vibrant bouquet of flowers as it were, from which to pick and choose for our edification and instruction. A number of the essays in this collection, on account of their breadth and range of critical engagement, evade conveniently fitting into the somewhat artificial categories of scholarship such as historical, contemporary, theoretical or practical oriented studies. Much of the scholarship represented in this collection brings historical analyses to bear on contemporary concerns. Furthermore, many of the essays in this volume effectively blend together historical reflection with practical social engagement. For the sake of an expedient orientation towards the diverse materials represented in this volume, the essays were grouped together in a broadly conceived organizational manner.

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