Climate services for risk informed anticipatory action

Kruczkiewicz, Andrew J.; Rodriguez Morata, Clara; Raju, Emmanuel

It is increasingly evident that disaster occurrence and the magnitude of disaster impacts continue to evolve, with these changes driven by climatic, cultural, socio-political and economic factors (Peek and Mileti, 2002; Lewis and Kelman, 2010; Raju et al., 2022). Yet, gaps remain in understanding the extent to which Early Warning Systems (EWS), Anticipatory Action (AA) programs and other Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategies are appropriately structured to be sufficiently agile in incorporating evolutions of both natural and socio economic systems (Garcia and Fearnley, 2012; Kruczkiewicz et al., 2021).

Keywords: Early Warning Systems (EWS), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), risk assessment, disaster risk governance, community based adaptation, anticipatory action, disaster risk management (DRM), disaster risk finance


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