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Design Opportunities for Assistive and Social Technologies Situated in Space

Teng, Yuanyang

Computers are increasingly integrated into daily environments. Human interactions with computers become inseparable from interacting with physical spaces. I take a qualitative research approach to consider space as an integral part of understanding people, leading to design opportunities for technologies situated in space. My thesis presents the design opportunities for blind assistive technology to support exploratory navigation and physically-grounded social technology for remote connections. Studying space gives insights into how users and technologies situated in space interact with one another, how users perceive the physical space, and what behavioral patterns users display around the space while using technology. The insights contribute to constructing design implications from an underexplored creative angle and shed light on how spatial scenarios dynamically change preferences and opportunities in the design of future technologies.


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Academic Units
Computer Science
Thesis Advisors
Smith, Brian Anthony
M.S., Columbia University
Published Here
February 27, 2023


Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction, Accessibility, Social Computing, Qualitative Methods