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A Critical Analysis of the Yin Yu Tang Project and the Preservation of Huizhou-Style Vernacular Dwellings in China

Yang, Luxi

Yin Yu Tang is the only example of re-erecting a major proportion of a traditional Chinese building outside China. The popularity of mounting such an exhibition abroad and its uniqueness make the Project a well-discussed topic in China. Also, the relocation of Yin Yu Tang in the U.S. provides a new way for the Chinese public to look at vernacular dwellings. However, as interesting as it is, there is no official introduction of the Project in China, and the public could only learn about it from other sources.

The perspectives of these articles have alternated with changes in preservation awareness and the social contexts within China, which has in turn led to misinterpretations and rumors about the Project and the preservation field, eventually affecting the Chinese public's understandings of preservation and its actions. This research examines a critical analysis of the context and influence of the Yin Yu Tang project from social, political and cultural perspectives. Meanwhile, the paper means to re-organize the development of historic vernacular dwellings' preservation in China and to locate the position and role of the Yin Yu Tang project in the entire process.

The societal changes in China impact the public understanding of a preservation project. From there, it is possible to cast a light on how preservation practices are beyond the national boundary and reveal the importance for preservationists to take back the dominant voice of promoting their projects and the public's education.

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Prudon, Theodore
M.S., Columbia University
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August 3, 2022