Report of the Workshop on Interannual Climate Variability and Pelagic Fisheries: Nouméa, Nouvelle Calédonie, 6-24 November 2000

Ward, M.N.; Tourre, Y.M.

The Workshop on Interannual Climate Variability and Pelagie Fisheries was hosted by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)/Nouméa, Nouvelle Calédonie, during the period November 6th - 23rd, 2000. It was co-organized by the International Research Institute
for Climate Prediction (IRI) and IRD, with the help of a Local Organizing Committee, and an International Steering Committee. Workshop activities took place in the facilities of IRDI Nouméa, who together with the Secretariat of the Pacifie Community (SPC), provided a network of 10 personal computers for the practical analysis component of the workshop. The members of the Local Organizing Committee and International Scientific Steering Committee are listed in Annex 1.
The workshop was attended by science lecturers at the cutting edge of their disciplines and trainee participants who were active in scientific aspects related to fisheries management. Some were young research scientists at scientific institutions, while others were professionals involved with fishery management. Though referred to as the trainee participants, many already had detailed knowledge in their own professional area and were aiming to benefit from broadening their knowledge on the impact of c1imate on fishery. Most of the 20 expert lecturers were present for one or two weeks of the workshop, while a few were present for the whole period. Ali 20 trainee participants and one observer were present for the full three weeks. During most of the mornings of the first two weeks, expert lecturers made presentations on the spectrum of knowledge that contributes to better understanding the link between climate and pelagie fish. Most examples were taken from the Pacifie, although some examples were also provided for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans for comparison. During most of the afternoons of the first two weeks, and for most of the third week, trainee participants formed small teams to analyze data on climate and pelagie fish, interpreting the results in the light of the scientific lectures.


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