Newly-Discovered Addenda to the Trouvère Repertoire

Tischler, Hans

A recent article by Vivian S. Ramalingam and F. P. R. Akehurst (1997), "A New Trouvere Fragment in The Hague," brings to light a flyleaf of a lost late-thirteenth-century manuscript. 1 The authors established the date of this fragment based on its contents, script, and notational style. Obviously cut from a chansonnier or from a section of a manuscript containing trouvere songs, it was used to bind a codex from the second quarter of the fourteenth century, now located in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague and bearing the shelf number 72 J 17. This flyleaf preserves three items: (1) a line of text, obviously from the end of a song, which the editors were unable to identifY; (2) a complete anonymous and otherwise unknown single-stanza song; and (3) music and the first four verses of text of a well-known song by Adam de la Hale (ca. 1230-1288), "Puis keje sui de l'amerouse loi."


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August 18, 2022