Post-Eurocentric Poetics: New Approaches from Arabic, Turkish and Persian Literature

Helga Seeden, Helga

A marathon one-day-only symposium took place at AUB on May 21st, 2018. A splendid collaborative effort, the event was organized by members of The Center for Arts and Humanities (CAH) directed by Abdel-Rahim Abu-Husayn (Department of History) and Hany Rashwan, the Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center. Bilal Orfali (Chair, Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages) and Hany Rashwan welcomed the audience and introduced the conference. Fifteen scholars from at least twelve nations were on hand to discuss “Post-Eurocentric Poetics” in an attempt ‘to present and extend the indigenous poetics of Islamic traditions, showing how literary figures and devices from these traditions can advance our understanding of world literature in the broadest sense of the term.’


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August 17, 2022