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Urban Politics of Land in Planning The New Capital City Nusantara of Indonesia

Hawali, Nabila Fisra

Capital cities relocations have occurred almost as long as capitals themselves. Capital cities, out of all classes of cities, have distinct characteristics not only for their respective nations but also uniquely contextualized to their geographical background. For Indonesia, the capital city is in progress to be relocated to a new location. The entire planned city will occupy thousands of acres of forest land in the East Kalimantan province, on the lush island of Borneo, which promises to be the country’s new identity with the new imagery of a smart, green, and sustainable forest city as opposed to the existing capital’s, Jakarta, urban environmental crisis. The allocated site as naturally important as Kalimantan has raised global concerns about how this plan will be materialized.

This thesis is focused on the transformation of land which is currently being developed to site the future capital city of Indonesia. Seeing the interrelationship between politics, development policies, and the historical trajectory of how the land has been shaped, used, and transformed, this thesis explores the ways in which land is being acquired and utilized to materialize the plan to relocate the country’s capital city to a newly established city-region namely “Nusantara.” This thesis puts forward the importance of understanding the implications of land appropriation and its utilization for delivering major yet deeply political development plans and the way they shape certain transferability of rights, power dynamics, and flexibility in planning by examining the implementation of capital city relocation of Nusantara.


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Academic Units
Urban Planning
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Bou Akar, Hiba
M.S., Columbia University
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August 2, 2023