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Investigating Expression of Taíno Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being via Mainstream Venues: Are there Implications for the Integration of Diverse Learners’ Experiences and Knowledges into Classroom Texts?

Rosas, Martha

This study will explore the texts created by individuals associated with Taíno Indigenous culture and which express aspects of Taíno Indigenous worldviews in Western mainstream contexts. The purpose is to highlight strategies to navigate Western mainstream worldviews to express non-Western worldviews that educators could explore with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students in secondary and tertiary educational settings. Strategies for CLD students to seriously engage with their cultural worldviews in academic settings can provide opportunities for them to have a voice in representing their knowledge systems and add yet unexplored perspectives on their worldviews as well as on the Western mainstream worldviews espoused in academic contexts, thus contributing to a pluralization of perspectives.

The study is guided by the following research questions: 1) What specific strategies do participants use in their texts when expressing Taíno Indigenous worldviews in Western mainstream contexts? 2) How are these strategies situated in the larger Taíno Indigenous context in which participants affirm Taíno Indigenous worldviews? These questions will be explored through a qualitative analysis of participants’ texts, interviews with participants, and participant observation which will be organized into a collective case study with an instrumental purpose.

The study uses a Critical Indigenous Research Methodologies Framework as conceptualized by Brayboy et al., (2012) and is guided by borderthinking as conceptualized by Mignolo (2011) as well as Interculturalidad Crítica as conceptualized by Walsh (2010). This dissertation will use the Multiliteracies concept of a metalanguage to focus on identifying intercultural strategies that participants used in their texts to present non-Western worldviews in Western mainstream contexts. The concept of intertextuality is used as the unit of analysis to explore how participants' texts draw upon a variety of elements, including Western mainstream elements, to convey information about Taíno Indigenous worldviews. 


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International and Transcultural Studies
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Benson, Carolyn J.
Martinez-Roldan, Carmen
Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University
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November 9, 2022