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Size variations in the progeny of a Paramecium exconjugant

Wheeler, Isabel

It will be remembered that following conjugation of two paramecia, the micronucleus of each degenerates, and the micronucleus, formed by the union of the remnant of the old micronucleus with the part received from the other individual during the union of the two, divides into eight new nuclei, four of which enlarge and become micronuclei, while the other four become micronuclei.

There has been some discussion as to the progeny arising from the four paramecia thus formed. Are they four distinct lines? Is there a noticeable difference in length, for example, between the line arising from the anterior individual and those from the other three?


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Biological Sciences
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Calkins, Gary N. (Gary Nathan), 1869-1943
M.A., Columbia University
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June 8, 2022