Petrophysical and petrographic characteristics of Barail Sandstone of the Surma Basin, Bangladesh

Islam, Md S.; Shijan, Md H. H.; Saif, Md S.; Biswas, Pradip K.; Faruk, Muhammad O.

The Barail sandstone in the Surma Basin is a medium- to coarse-grained pinkish-colored rock exposed near the northeastern margin of Bangladesh. In this study, we evaluated the reservoir quality of the Barail sandstone based on its petrophysical and petrographic characteristics. Petrophysical analyses of outcropped samples showed that sandstones are made up of 16.48% porosity and 132.48 mD permeability. Sandstone density ranges from 1.94 g/cm3 to 2.37 g/cm3, with a mean value of 2.12 g/cm3, shown as moderately compacted sandstone. Integrated data such as bulk density, porosity, permeability, Rock Quality Index (RQI), Normalized Porosity Index (NPI), Flow Zone Indicator (FZI), compressive strength, etc. with their relationships indicate that Barail sandstone owing characters to become a good petroleum reservoir. The rock samples consisted mainly of quartz with an insignificant amount of rock fragments and plagioclase feldspar and are categorized as sub-arkose to sub-litharenite. The rock samples also contains lithic (andesine, microcline, muscovite, biotite, etc.) of granitic and gneissic fabric and some volcanic product like aguite, albite, andesine, garnet, spinel and ulvo-spinel indicating the source of nearby orogeny. The euhedral to subhedral shape of the quartz grain in a porphyritic texture, moderately sorted with a smaller amount of clay minerals indicating the moderately mature rock type. The iron oxide border around the quartz grain also indicates that the Barail sandstone was deposited under dry climatic condition.


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September 22, 2023


Barail sandstone, Petrography, Petrophysical properties, Reservoir rock, Porosity, Permeability