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Developing a Mockup for the Testing of Injection Grouting Methods and Materials in the Repair of Vertical Ceramic Mosaics

Kraft, Cassidy

Wall mosaics face numerous conservation challenges due to changes in moisture, temperature, and seismic activity which lead to disaggregation of mortar, cracking in mortar and tiles, and loss of tiles. Without intervention, wall mosaics left to deteriorate can pose fall hazards and risk the loss of tiles that cannot be accurately replicated, damaging the historic integrity of the piece while putting people in danger. While in situ conservation and injection grouting techniques have been researched in regards to both ancient and floor mosaics, the nineteenth century revival of mosaics brought new challenges with a focus on wall and ceiling mosaics and the renewed popularity of ceramic tiles.

In order to develop an effective mockup for testing purposes, the conditions found in deteriorating mosaics must be replicated in a reproducible manner with resources available to conservation professionals. The evaluation of mockups includes the use of sounding, FLIR imaging, and pull-off adhesion testing to assess the location of disaggregated areas and failures throughout the injection grouting process.


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Weiss, Norman R.
M.S., Columbia University
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May 29, 2024