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Effect of Freeze-Thaw Cycle on Human Uterine Mechanical Properties Measured by Spherical Indentation

Fang, Shuyang; Myers, Kristin M.

These files contain experimental data from a mechanical study evaluating the effect of freeze-thaw cycles on human uterine tissue mechanical properties under indentation testing. Spherical indentation test was performed on all samples using a three-level load-hold protocol. Mechanical test data include all equilibrium force responses for all tests. More details are explained in the "ReadMe.docx" file.


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Academic Units
Mechanical Engineering
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February 13, 2024


The data in this file correspond to the manuscript titled, "Equilibrium Tension and Compression Mechanical Properties of the Human Uterus", to be published in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering in 2024. The manuscript is co-authored by Shuyang Fang, Lei Shi, Camilo A. Duarte, Daniella M. Fodera, Joy-Sarah Y. Vink, and Kristin M. Myers.